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    Mac. Who Needed A Warm Coat


                                        MountainMuttDogCoats Boulder®

    Made in Boulder, Colorado USA    

Our Mission is to keep our dogs warm and protected through harsh winter weather.

We strive to make the best designed, generously sized, most weather resistant coats for dogs living in cold, wet and windy climates.  We aim to make the warmest, driest, most wind-proof dog coats for sale anywhere.  MMDC's coats are handmade from high-quality technical fabrics including softshells and Polartec fleeces as well as leather and recycled materials.  These high-performance fabrics are chosen for their warmth, wind and water resistance, and ability to wick away unwanted moisture.  MMDC has translated the same outerwear fabrics you wear when biking, climbing, snow-shoeing, skiing into garments for your canine companions. We are the only source in the Rocky Mountains USA for these sophisticated, custom and stock garments for your dog.   We fit all dogs, all sizes and will alter the coat to fit your dog properly.

MountainMuttDogCoats Boulder® was inspired by Mac, who needed a really warm coat in 2009-2010 post-op. His comfort and the needs of the dogs we met at The Flint Animal Cancer Center at CSU showed us that in our beloved Colorado there was need for well-designed coats that were really for winter and and fit properly. Our garments are made to meet
a high standard: combat winter weather and meet the individual needs of each dog. 

From left: Hunter Green Power Shield Coat, Black Boulder Coat and Cha Cha Pink Boulder Sweatshirt.                                  


Is Your Dog Warm Enough in Winter?  

           Your dog needs a coat when:                                                                 

            * It’s 40 degrees or less                                                   
             *When your dog has short hair and no un

*Your dog is an elder. Arthritis and other disorders make her susceptible to cold.  

             *When your dog is recovering from an illness.

               *During windy, bitter conditions   

                 *During rain and snow storms.

               *At night when the temperature drops.

               *When your dog shows signs of distress.

             *When you travel to a colder state.


Sheila,right, is wearing a Burgundy Power Shield draped coat. This design is longer and lower in back to cover hips and thighs for extra protection. Power Shield is the top-of-the-line softshell. It's for maintaining stable core temperature when active in cold weather. There's an opening with a tab for the tail.

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